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We have a powerful fuel called hope that Propels

Running a business during this time, navigating the turbulence that the Covid-19 pandemic has brought with it, is like running a marathon that requires us to settle into a new rhythm and adapt to the altitude we are now living in.

Women’s Resilience: Navigating Life’s Curveballs Amidst a Pandemic

As women, we’ve always had to develop an ability to deal with different curve balls that come our way as we navigate through life, work, relationships, marriage, raising children, and running businesses. However, it has to be said the pressures brought on by the pandemic are testing our patience, capacity, and ability to endure and innovate under pressure. At times, it has us running for that quiet place where we can just take shelter, recollect ourselves, breathe. We must remind ourselves that we can’t and should not try to go through this alone – we need each other – a community of support – to see it through to the other side, to summit our personal mountains.

I recently wrote an article for Forbes magazine on “Why Persevering Under Pressure Matters” as I’ve given a lot of thought over the last couple of months to the challenges of summiting mountains and what it takes. In short, we simply have to keep getting up, keep putting one foot in front of each other and persevering onwards. The article describes some of things that have helped me this last couple of months to keep doing that. I hope they will be invaluable tools for you.

Now is the time to find fresh hope, and vision to climb a very difficult mountain, as we have the opportunity to change the future and build a better world. What is fueling you right now? What keeps me going every day is my vision to invest in and empower women in Africa to drive transformation across the continent. As a woman raising a family on the African continent, which is the only continent in the world where the number of women entrepreneurs outnumber men, I am excited by the possibilities. When I see the incredible women emerging out of the pandemic, spearheading change with innovative solutions that will change communities, cities, nations and the economies around them, I find hope and courage.

Let me encourage you today to re-anchor yourself in hope, as we persevere through the journey of our lives to build a better future.


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