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Three Misconceptions About Creativity Made by Entrepreneurs

Creativity is the backbone of problem-solving and the heart of entrepreneurship. Businesses exist to solve problems. What differentiates entrepreneurship?

I, like many entrepreneurs, have always gravitated towards the untrodden path because I know that is where true opportunity lies. 

How do you go where no one else has gone?


Creativity is the backbone of problem-solving and the heart of entrepreneurship. Businesses exist to solve problems. What differentiates entrepreneurship? You are not only trying to solve a problem but craft new opportunities simultaneously. Entrepreneurship is all about building for the future which requires a visionary mindset.

What is Creativity? 

Creativity encompasses many different things. In its purest form, it is having ideas. Creativity can look like forming something completely new, problem-solving with your team, innovating company processes or possibly reimagining a product that already exists. 

Below, I’ve shared three common misconceptions about creativity made by entrepreneurs. Explore the preconceptions you might have about creativity:

Creativity Misconception #1: “I’m just not creative.”  

Many entrepreneurs cling to the idea that only certain people can invoke a creative mindset. In reality, we are all capable of honing our creative skills and contributing to innovative solutions. The key here is to improve your ability to take a step back and look at something in a different way while giving yourself the space to innovate and reevaluate.

Creativity Misconception #2: “There are too many roadblocks.”

There is a connection between roadblocks and creativity. It is really important to recognize this connection and to shift your thinking. Instead of viewing roadblocks as the end, think of them as the site of your next inspiration. This is where the peak of creativity can be found. Roadblocks are actually the green lights to continue innovating

Roadblocks can come in any shape or form. For me, they have manifested in the form of a lack of sales, hindrances of growth, lack of fundraising and capital. I see roadblocks as signs that more creativity is required. Even when you say “there is literally no way that is going to work or happen,” creativity always comes into play. 

Creativity Misconception #3: “Creative thinking just leads to big ideas with no action.”

You can’t have true creativity without execution. Creativity is the force that is required for execution, they are two sides of one coin. When you harness the power of creativity you can use it to harness the power of execution. Without the ability to execute on your ideas you cannot build anything. 

The Heart Behind Entrepreneurship

As you continue on your journey or even if you have yet to start, remember that you are capable of problem-solving. As an entrepreneur, you are inherently a creator. You are a trailblazer. You have heart and passion and you are capable. 

Entrepreneurship is all about solving a piece of the puzzle using a creative solution one step at a time. With creativity comes the ability to execute and with execution comes true entrepreneurship. The heart behind entrepreneurship is and will always be creativity. 

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