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Enygma Ventures Impact Report Palladium June 2023

Expanding Reach & Enhancing Impact

Enygma Ventures is a unique purpose-driven investment fund, led by Sarah Dusek and Jacob Dusek who accumulate 40 years of combined experience growing and scaling businesses in Africa, US & Europe. Enygma Ventures invests in women-led businesses in Africa that have an established track record, a proven revenue model and demonstrated growth. Employing an annual application process, Enygma Ventures meticulously selects entrepreneurs and businesses to join their investment portfolio. To date, they have cultivated a diverse portfolio of approximately 10 investees, showcasing their commitment to fostering innovation and sustainable development in the region.

As Enygma Ventures seeks to expand its reach and explore new funding avenues, the Fund requested Palladium to collaborate in the development of a succinct IMPACT REPORT that showcases the impact achieved so far and provides recommendations in terms of their impact framework. Palladium had already worked with Enygma Ventures’ founders to help them develop the Impact Strategy and Framework for their other business called Quiver Tree.

Palladium has developed this Impact Report using the impact data provided by Enygma Ventures, which was gathered from their investees, in addition to the insights gathered by Palladium from interviewing three Enygma Ventures investees.

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