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Choose to dream again

There is no better time than at the end of the calendar year to look back and reflect. This year unlike most “normal” years has been fraught with challenges that will have exceeded our capacities to bear and endure. The year will have pushed us to our limits but may at the same time have given us clarity, perspective and hopefully vision for what truly is important to us.

Allow yourself to dream

Maybe you discovered your true passion in 2020, maybe you had a great business idea, maybe you realized you needed to stop doing a variety of things, or even started something new. Before the year end, take the time to take stock and envision what you’d want a successful 2021 to look like. If you drown out all the noise and all the uncertainty what would you really want 2021 to be like? What would you accomplish? What would you experience or feel? What would a successful year look like?

When we allow ourselves to dream we start to imagine new beginnings, new ways of being, fulfilment, satisfaction, change. We start to catch sight of something beyond the reality of now and we allow the vision to grow within us. Once you ask yourself these questions and spend time answering honestly and thoughtfully you can start to align yourself with your dreams, igniting fresh energy and passion for making the changes you desire happen. The question “what do I want?” has been the most catalytic question for me in helping me get clear about what I am pursuing and why. It’s enabled me to make things happen in time frames I could never have imagined possible and its enabled me to overcome challenges that I thought were too huge to tackle. Getting clear on what you want sets you on the path to making that vision happen.

Maybe 2021 is the year that you make big things happen in your business, taking risks, putting aside your fears and taking your business and life to the next level? Maybe 2021 is the year you get a capital injection for your business and it changes the trajectory of your life? 2021 is full of potential, but potential only happens if you know what you want and take action to make it happen.

Our fund opened for applications for investment for the last time in 2020 last week. Do you need to take action and apply for funding for your business? Did you try before but were unsuccessful? Have you made progress this year and could show us more traction, better clarity, a more polished pitch? The statistics prove that those who persevere are 1000% more likely to succeed than those who don’t. We’d love to hear about the progress you made this year, the dream you have for 2021 and how you are doing to make that happen.

Don’t let 2020 dim your dreams seize them!

Sarah Dusek

Managing Partner


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